How to plan an Indian Bridal Shower – Hen Party Desi Style Games…

Hey, So this is a very OVERDUE Vlog, i’ve been meaning to put it up for a long time and I get asked all the time about the games that I had at my Indian Family bridal shower weekend,
So I have some amazing sisters and I really wanted to do something small and intimate with them all,
And I really just wanted to keep it low key as I had so many ups and downs this year from the passing of my grandparents to the big move and blah blah,

But here are a few highlights of my bridal weekend and the awesome Asian Indian twist my sisters had added to the games and activities planned for the weekend. These were sort of minute games but it was soo much fun and I had to share these for all you future Brides (Bridesmaids or maid of honors).
We all stayed in various barns at the Creeksea Place Barns in Essex, (I would highly recommend this venue to anyone! Owned by such lovely people in a ideal setting able to accommodate so many of us, but be sure to book early as dates get booked up very quickly so plan ahead)
They are all available to download on the links below. And some of them are so easy to create and make.
Be sure to check out my VLOG and subscribe to my YouTube.

So initially what we did was have three sets of teams. And of course I was the judge for most of the activities.

  1. And as each person was arriving on the first night there was a “SECRET WORDS OF WISDOM” box. Where you had to write a phrase or tip for the future bride to be anonymously. And later on in the evening this box is to be opened and the bride has to guess which person said which phrase. This was a good old chuckle and a mellow game to just chill and wine down.

  2. Throughout the whole venue, there where these hidden hearts (Picked these novelties off amazon for great price
    and the these where hidden in the nooks and crannies, behind doors and hinges, under the carpet, in the cupboards hanging off trees.
    Ultimately at the end of the weekend whichever team had most of these hidden hearts collected bonus points to their team.
    To break the Ice between the groups on the first night we hid 30 of these in one main barn and everyone had 3 minutes to find as many as they could. It was a panic frenzy of headless chickens running around everywhere to hunt these bonus points down, but it was such a laugh.
    (WE ALSO HAD A RULE, FINDERS KEEPERS LOSERS WEEPERS, so if you left yours lying around, then tough poops!)

  3. That first day we also had a little DULHAN DRESS UP GAME.
    So each team was given a Bridal pack containing some Bindis, a Henna Cone, Some basic Makeup and brushes, and hair pins. Each team had to pick one member to be their bride and to doll up.
    This was so much fun! They even went ahead and voted their own grooms! which was not part of the plan but heck loads fun. so they all decided to dress up one person into the Dulha which eyeliner mustaches and dupatta pagh’s! LOL. Loved every moment of this and of course the best team got the points.

  1. We then played some Bridal Charades and Pictionary for the rest of the evening and then one by one dozed off to bed for a more outdoorsy day to follow.  These are super easy to create, just think of any random wedding props, people, objects, write them down on a note and off you go.

  2. This was by far the best game we played. All the team members had their hands crisscrossed randomly over each others with all but one members HAND free. Only one hand. They were all duct taped to each other so forming a circle and once again there were hidden hearts all over the fields and park area. Hidden under cars, on signs, in the trees, and randomly places everywhere the more you found the more bonus points for the team. (HAVE A LOOK IN THE VIDEO)

  3. Whilst the outdoor game was happening two girls inside where planning together a scavenger hunt. If you don’t know what that it, its basically a riddle/clue game. With one clue heading the teams such as “I have four legs but still cannot move, what am I?” So thats a table or a chair right? Then they are to find the tables/chair and look for a second clue here which will lead to the third, fourth and so on. (Just search scavenger hunt or treasure hunt riddles if you get stuck making these up). Three teams against one winning end point so you have to be fast!

  4. The next gamewe played was guess the spices. And there was tubs of many different exotic spices and herbs put into different tubs.
    The teams had to name this in English and also in Gujarati/Indian name for the spices.
    Which actually seemed to be a lot more challenging than expected. ALSO NO MOBILE PHONES OR ANY SORT OF CHEATING!

  5. Time for a Chai Break and of course a little game! So each person has to take a round biscuit and nibble out a heart without the buiscuit breaking. The best looking hearts score points for their team. Allthough most peoples broke very easily.

  1. This is an easy game to make, its called “Who Said It?” It is played as a team.
    Prior to the event the bride and groom were asked some questions. Such as how many children do you want? Wheres your ideal honeymoon place? What flavor wedding cake? etc.
    And the answers of one person either the bride (lips) or the groom (mustache) is to be circled if you think that’s the answer the person gave.

  1. We also had a words scramble game. This is so easy to make. Literally brainstorm up some words and get the guests to unscramble them.
    Heres the one we made with my Gujji fusion so words like Mangalsutra and mangal phera etc.

  1. This is another one of my favorites games. All the teams where given a pack of balloons, and some cellotape.
    Now this is a timed game and they have to build the tallest freestanding tower. Team with the tallest wins, and if you popped your baloons, then again tough poops to your team! Be careful when pumping those up!

  1. The cotton ball challege.  Chose one member from each team to play this 3 minute challenge.
    Each member has a dollop of vasaline rubbed onto their nose and their hands are tied up behind their back.
    Task is to transfer as many cotton balls from one side of the room to the other in three minutes.

  1. Another three minute challenge. The spaghetti balance. Have two partners represent the teams and one to help with the placing of the spaghetti. This ones all about pair work so taking one strand of spaghetti in one persons mouth and the other in the other end and ensuring they don’t drop or snap the piece in half, run along the other side of the room and place into a bowl. The team with the most obv wins!

  2. Seperate the colors of the skittles. This is super colorful! One member from the team is chosen to seperate all the colors of the bowl. The on who finishes first wins.

  1. Ahhh The Tissue Paper Bride.
    This is great fun and we managed to use some beauty couch roll, tissue rolls, cellotape and scissors.
    Each team is to create a masterpiece wedding dress for a chosen bride.

And of course no ladies slumber parties can be finished without a right old pajama, facials, mani-pedi’s and a good chick flick over some gossip!
Hope these games have given you guys some tips and wishing you all best with your party plans and prep!


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