India Vlog Part 1 – Travel Tips & Journey

So here’s my first ever VLOG ;P Totally new the actual Vlogging of my life stuff but yeahhhh I am getting married this summer and the first step was to head over to India to do our wedding shopping!
So this is the first part of my travels, Ive included my travel tips & must haves for India,
We took a Jet Airways Flight (Service was amazeing, cant say the same about the  plane food though, this is definitely slacking lately! Next time will be sure to pack some Paratha’s  with Anthru(aachar/pickles) hehehe Desi Style :P)
So the journey started from London Heathrow  to Mumbai  Airport and finally Bhuj (Kutch).

Yes I am Kutchi and very proud of my heritage and as Mr Bachan says “kutch nai dekha, toh kuch nai dehka” Booo YeaahhhhH!
Catch the rest of my travels in my upcoming Vlogs where I visit the Rann Of Kutchh, Mandvi, The stunning Swamninarayan Temple in Bhuj and then off to do my shopping in Ahmadabad and Surat! (Still Editing, promise it will be up shortly) x

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