Top Vegetarian Vegan places to eat in Bangkok Thailand

Food wise I’m a veggie so found it a little hard to get pretty descent food, the street markets are great for those who eat just about anything. But there are lots of little tucked away vegan/veggie friendly places to eat. Its hard to find a PURE VEGETRARIAN place but here are a few tried and tested places which serve good veg meals.

May Veggie Home
Now this is one of the many few which is an all VEGAN restaurant.
And the food is delicious! Great Value and in a lovely posh nosh location. The hosts are super friendly and inviting which is why Id go back.
They also do gluten free options.
Around £10
This is near terminal 21 in Asoke so do check it out.


Mango Vegetarian Restaurant.- This is one of my favourites. The food is just great! The venue is a simple safe type. Prices are a little more average than your normal mean but definitely worth it. They don’t speak much English here unfortunately but atleast its all veggie so can trust whatever to come out will be edible lol.
Around £10-13

Saras Indian Restaurant.
Now I ate here 3 times because the food was just too good.
They even offer Jain, Indo Chinease and Thai food.
Which meant the whole family could eat under one roof. Mum loved the gujarati thali whilst dad opted for the Punjabi style, and us siblings had an array of mixed chaats and noodles.
A lovely place with pure vegetarian food.
Prices were a little bit higher than average but reasonable for a meal. Around £10-15
Located behind the Rembrandt hotel – Sukumvit soi 20

saras_pattaya_menu1 saras-restaurant11

Govinda Italian Restaurant
This sounds really Indian but the food here is all Italiano. Pasta’s, salads, pizza’s.
Nice place to eat. Great fresh foods with lovely desserts.  Not sure if this is part of the ISKON restaurants but its certainly tasty stuff.
Price is average for the area. Around £15
Located at Sukumvit soi 22

Italian govinda_pic1

Dosa King – This is a good place to grab a quick dosa for lunch or dinner.
The food is tasty, service is a bit slow to be fair but for prices you cannot fault it. And the green logo ensures is all 100% Vegetraian which was nice to see. Definately a srilankan or Indian run joint but as bollywood songs were in full swing on the TV but a nice tasty meal. For an okay price. Around £14
This is located near Sukhumvit Soi 11

dosa-king-entrance panner-tikka-dosa
Rasayana Raw food Cafe
This place feasts for all your senses. Its a sort of lunch during the day type of place and has a range to choose from, sushi, pizzas, pastas, fresh juices and desserts.. All fresh made options and cooked below heat settings. This maintains the nutrients of the foods. Hleps to detox and cleanse your system. Around £13
Located on sukhumvit Soi 39 closes at 8pm As part of a retreat.
(They also have one in pattaya)

222 taco-rasayana-raw-food-restaurant-bangkok


Tealicious Bangkok – This healty Thai food Cafe has a great veggie options. It’s the real hearty Thai food for great value. Not really hearty stuff but light and filling.
Think noodles, stir fries, soups and cafe stuff.
Average price £12

56-3970237-1444129331652f38a825564041a2d2640a21c6d798 tealicious-bangkok

Punjab Grill- This is fine Indian dining. All be it a little pricey £20+ per person the food is super tasty and they have a whole seprate menu for vegetarians.  Average £20









Rang Mahal – This is a real fine dining experience. Traditional Indian food with great vegetarian options. However it is a little pricey but certainly luxury with a beautiful view of Bangkok. A nice place to just chill and visit the local markets nearby.
Average £20-25
Located the 26th floor of the Rembrandt hotel.
Sukhimvit soi 18

images-1 cover_dsc_0485-620x392

The Maya Restaurant and Bar – Now this is absolutely beautiful. A gorgeous place overlooking Bangkok. Lovely romantic setting. Pricey but worth it. Average £25-30
Near holiday Inn Sukhumvit
images-2 maya2_54_990x660_201406012239

Now the priciest of all.
Bo.lan – Here lies to botanical art piece you can call food.
Think a feast for the eyes. Too beautiful you don’t want to actually eat it! And expensive you want to treasure and savour each moment,
This isn’t an all veg place but it has great options. Beautifully presented and garnished with edible flowers. Like an ARTPEICE basically.
Think Hestons magical food. Yeaps thats what you get here. The atmosphere is very upmarket and romantic.
On average soend around $50-80 for a meal.
Located near sukhumvit Soi 53

bo1_1 bo-lan_5788 veganfoodquest

These are just the places I maaged to try and test on my trip there, there are loads more around, I wish I had done a bit more research to try these places out before hand but
Check out For a huge list of vegan places.
And be sure to check out the vegetarian festival held around October if your around. It lasts nine days and usually falls around the similar time to our navratri and china town is filled with great vegetarian food stalls and meals. Many Hindus, Buddhists and Chinese believe these 9/10 days of vegetarian dieting will cleanse the body and be pure for the ceremony and festivities.


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