Facial Ultrasound Device Review – Med-Fit

Med-Fit Deep Action Ultrasound Therapy Device 1MHz is available to buy from PHYSIO STOCK UK LTD -Amazon UK

So for all of you that may personally know me, would know that I studied Diagnostic Radiology and love learning new things about the medical field. Now Ultrasound is a HUGE part of diagnostics but it can also be used by many therapists and healthcare professionals to help with injuries, aches & pains.  And also for beauty! Right I know, when you think Ultrasound you typically think Pregnancy scans.

But it has a wide range of uses. It can be used to lift & firm skin as well as increasing collagen production. This makes your skin smooth and toned as well as fighting those wrinkles and lines.
It can also help with body cellulite and body contouring.

Its great because its non invasive so need for intrusive treatments like surgery or face lifts to give it that healthy boost of cells.

The device sends specific frequencies of ultrasound waves which target into particular depths and layers of the skin & muscles.
This increases blood circulation which in turn encourages lymphatic drainage so removal of toxins, therefore combating puffiness and swelling. This is vital for new collagen production.

The vibration of these ultrasonic waves also break up and lift dead cells and lift off excess oil or sebum from the skin. Making it great for acne prone skin. So it’s not only for the “Ageing” person.

Generally the lower the ultrasound frequency the deeper the waves penetrate. Therefore 1MHz (high setting) is best for general body treatments where muscles and tissues are a lot thicker and the Mid/Low settings are advised for Facial treatments. This device is not suitable for use around the eyes or on the forehead!

The waves are NOT visible to the eyes. So don’t expect the device to vibrate or let off any heat! That is what you don’t want! A lot of people try this machine and think its not working because its not heating up or vibrating!
These are ultrasound waves which are not visible to eye! A simple water test can determine whether your device is working, as a few droplets on the plate should turn into micro-droplets and diffuse into something which looks like steam.

Ultrasound works typically by increasing the excitation levels of the cells making their temperature rise, The body the then increases the oxygen intake to the cells encouraging removal of wastes and toxins.
Hard surfaces like Bone reflect the energy off making it great for those who have sports injuries or muscular pains.

The device comes with
• Ultrasound unit
• Charging Station
• Mains adaptor
• 2 x Ultrasound Manual –General User Guide & Facial Guide
• 250ml Ultrasound Gel
• Professional Hard Carry Case
The device is super easy to use, just make sure you use the right transmission Gel (The one provided) otherwise you may damage the head and the ultrasound needs the correct medium to transfer the waves through.
The best thing is that it can be used as a portable device, so need for wires which can be annoying when doing the body parts. Literally just have to charge the device making it portable.

Second best thing is that it comes in a hard durable, good quality travel case. So you can literally take it on the go. Ideal for therapists like me!

After using this device for a week I have definitely noticed a huge difference. The blemishes on my cheeks have definitely gone down and my skin is left feeling energized, firm and refreshed. I do this at night and wake up with my skin feeling super soft. I cleanse my skin, then apply my night serum, and use the ultrasonic device in circular motions around my cheeks and jawline.

I also used this on my wrist (As from doing constant massages they do tend to ache) and after a few days of use this really does help!

Now i’m only in my Mid 20’s so cannot comment on regards to wrinkles but it’s definitely working a treat on me! My skins feeling really firm and I will be using this regularly and after my facial treatment to give it a nice boost.

Note: Please always read instructions carefully and follow them!. It is possible to cause tissue damage if you don’t use the device correctly and its not suitable for all persons such as those which heart disease or pacemakers! Also if unsure consult a doctor if you have any doubts.

Price £110/£180 On offer at the moment of £69.95. Grab it before it runs out of stock! 
Available to purchase from


Available to buy from PHYSIO STOCK UK LTD  Along with many other medical supplies

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