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Here’s a little review on a few Amara Organics products. They have a great range of Organic and Cruelty free products! I was lucky enough to be given these to write my honest and unbiased review. But I will most definitely be purchasing from them!

The great thing about Amara Organics is they have a “WORKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK” Guarantee. And if you aren’t completely satisfied they give you a full refund no questions asked.
So seriously don’t just take my word for it, read all their reviews and just try it out!
On top of it they literally shipped the products out so fast! I was expecting a week at least with it being bank holidays but I am a very happy customer and brilliant customer service.

So I just had to try and test it out for myself. And what a great products they are.
So it’s literally been just over a week of use and I am loving these!

I have the Total Eye Repair Gel, Retinol Serum & My favorite the Dead Sea Mud Mask.


I will do an individual break down of each product starting with the Total Repair Eye Gel.

Amara organics retinol serum

Now being Asian and like most Indians do suffer from dark, puffy eye-bags, we naturally have hyper-pigmentation leaving our eyes looking constantly tired and dull.
This product was an absolute godsend, I’ve always struggled to find the right eye serum or cream, they’re either always too sticky or just leave it feeling greased up.
But this one set perfectly into my skin and did not feel tacky at all, great blend between a watery gel and a rich cream giving it the right consistency. And better yet there’s no artificial fragrance in it!

Thankfully I don’t really have any wrinkles yet so can’t speak on behalf of those terms but it really did feel cool and refreshing and I have noticed they feel a lot more firm and less puffy.

With regards to dark eye bags they do look a lot lighter but bear in mind it’s  only been  2ish weeks, I need to keep using it daily to see an obvious result.
Also it’s great that it’s a pump so reduces any wastes as you get the perfect amount in each pump.  I used it literally around my eyes and forehead & upper cheeks. I use this one in the mornings. And it’s great to use as a base for makeup.
The only downside of this product is its size! They need to make a bigger bottle! As I will definitely be purchasing another one of these!

Overall Rating 9/10

Price £13.95 for 15ml

Available at


The second is the Retinol Serum.


This is the one I use during the night as advised.
Retinol is basically vitamin A which has great benefits for ageing skin aswell as fighting acne and reduce large clogged pored.

It does however increase sentivity towards UV/Sunlight. And it is advised by them to use sunscreen during the day.
Amara Organics contains 2.5% Retinol in their serum along with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E.

It’s a gel like serum which is fab cos in the past i’ve tried serums that are super liquidy and not very pliable.

It doesn’t contain any artificial or overpowering fragrance which is great.

And as all the Amara products this is also made up of cruelty free, Natural Organic products.

One thing I did note with this product is my skin was a little more flaky and dry than usual for the first few days, but this is expected as your skin naturally needs to adjust to the retinol levels. And the way the product works is to increase cell renewal hence flaking or desquamation of the dead skin cells to be replaced with healthy new cells.

I mixed this with my night moisturizer to ease into my daily regime and so far love this serum. So I will continue to use this for another few weeks and see if it has helped with my hyper pigmentation issues. So I can only rate it a 8 for the time being. But I am sure it will have great results.

Another bonus point is that the bottle is brown glass, which is important as Vitamin A (Retinol) Degrades upon contact with air and light.

Overall Rating 8/10

Price £15.95 for 30ml

Available from
Dead Sea Mud Mask

amara organics dead sea mud mask reveiw


Now this is by far my favorite product from the Amara Organics Range.

I love mud and clay based masks in general as I find it’s perfect for my combination skin. It literally does draw out the impurities and clean out the clogged pores.
The consistency is great, no need to add any water (like I have had to for other face masks as it’s just too compact and an absolute pain to wash off)
This literally applies so smoothly with a facial mask brush and has no gritty feeling to it.

Also its doesn’t have a strong earthy or oily scent, it’s very light an natural.

Literally just applied a thin layer, left it on for 10-15 minutes.

It does dry fairly quickly so what I do is apply a wet facial mask cloth on top to keep it nice and moist for longer ( I hate that crackly feeling) and then wash it off.
Light circular motions was all that it needed to wash off. And it just slips off the face, no need for harsh scrubbing like other masks.

My face was literally super soft afterwards and felt a lot clean and fresh.
Great thing it’s not just a face mask you can literally apply it all over the body and it works great to exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling soft. I don’t have any aches or pains but it’s supposed to help with this too!

I would recommend and repurchase this item for sure!

Overall Rating 9.5/10
Price £17.95 237ml Tub
Available at

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