Herstyler Baby Curls Review

The Herstyler Baby Curls Wand is one of the best items I could have come across!
Ive always had straight hair and been that girl who wished for ever to have it curly but nothing ever seems to stay put and hold. But the herstyler is an absolute godsend item.
They have different barrel sizes and I now have both the grande version for loose curls and this one the baby curls 13mm wand for tightly held curls. The look this gives off is a lovely permed style.

The herstyler itself heats up sooo fast! Its literally get go within a minute and taking an inch strip of hair to curl literally takes 10 seconds! My whole head can be done within 10 minutes!
That really is speedy and I have thick full Indian hair and the curls last! No need to sticky hair sprays nothing!
What i love about this particular wand is that if you use a thicker bunch of hair eg 1inch or more you can get really loose wavy curls  and if you use about 1cm of hair and keep them bunched closely you can get this really full permed hair look.

It arrives in a lovely little box with an English plug. The color I have is purple and the wand itself is black.
You also get a handy little thermal protection glove, as this is needed to actually roll the hair around the wand itself.
But as the cable rotates it’s really hassle free, and stops that annoying twisting that other curlers do.
Its made quite robustly and strong and the item itself is extremely lightweight.
I would definitely recommend this item to anyone looking to buy.

Available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01I7W148O/?tag=lecris-21 for £39.95

herstyler reviewherstyler babycurlsHerstyler Review

I also have the herstyler in Grande 25mm and recommend this for people who want more loose curls.
Available for£79.95



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