Gaya Cosmetics Product Review


Gaya Products Anti-Ageing Eye Serum
Gaya cosmetics review eye serum gaya cosmetics eye serum

Now being Asian and like most Indians do suffer from dark, puffy eye-bags, we naturally have hyper-pigmentation leaving our eyes looking constantly tired and dull. Hence I’m always on the hunt for a great eye serum.
I’ve always struggled to find the right eye serum or cream, they’re either always too sticky or just leave it feeling greased up. And I love the fact that this is the ideal consistency in a cream based version. Other silicone type serums just set on the skin and cause creasing of makeup but the Gaya one literally melts into the skin.
And better yet its cruelty free and not tested on animals.

Thankfully I don’t really have any wrinkles yet so can’t speak on behalf of those terms but it really did feel cool and refreshing and I have noticed they feel a lot more firm and less puffy.
Also it’s great that it’s a pump so reduces any wastes as you get the perfect amount in each pump.  I used it literally around my eyes and forehead & upper cheeks. I use this one in the mornings. And it’s great to use as a base for makeup.
It has a very light natural fragrance. It has vitamins and peptides which help fight free radicals (this is what causes the wrinkles) and increases collagen production.
And it has extracts of algae, hyaluronic acid and dead sea salts to keep the skin firm, moisturised and enriched with minerals.
All be it a little on the pricey side, this 30ml bottle will last a long time! A tiny amount goes a long way.
Available to buy for £41.45

Gaya Cosmetics Primer
GAYA PRIMER REVIEW Gaya primer vegan
This is one of the best foundation bases I have used in a long time. It really does apply with a silky sheen finish.
I also use this as a base to the Gaya Mineral foundation powder and it works a treat. It also works well with liquid foundation. My makeup literally lasts all day and has that light unclogged feel. I have tried other primers and they just feel clumpy or heavy. And as soon as you add your foundation it start to mottle together. This primer literally feels silky smooth. All the pores (especially around my nose) really are minimised. It also leaves a little glow, must be do to the hydrating of dry areas.
What I love about their products are that its cruelty free. The bottle is also a very sleek design (similar to the eye serums) made of good strong quality. . And it is in a pump form to help reduce waste. You literally get the perfect amount each time to do the whole face and neck.
Now it does use silicone but this is primarily a day time use product So be sure to cleanse the skin well at night to allow it to breathe. Besides this is what gives you that silky flawless makeup.Ssome people always argue not to use silicone products. It can cause clogged pores if you’re not removing your makeup at the end of the day!

Available to buy for £25.95

Gaya Cosmetics Mineral Foundation Powder.
Gaya Cosmetics mineral foundation gaya mf6 mineral foundationGaya Mineral MF6 shade

So I’ve always been a liquid foundation type of girl, but wanted to try something very natural and light for the summer. And I can say I have found the right product. This literally does match to the skin perfectly. I even use it to set my makeup for days when I need a much heavier coverage, I literally dabble a little on top of my liquid foundation.
I’ve been using this everyday on top of the primer this summer so far and can say that the product does last when applied correctly. Simply pat the back of the base to release some powder in the jar lid.  And using a soft kabuki brush buff the powder into primed or moisturised skin in circular motions. You have to use a kabuki to get flawless look! The best types are the flat ended ones.
With any powder foundation if your not apply your primer or moisturiser base on evenly you will get patchiness or uneven areas of coverage.
The jar itself is such an awesome design. It literally shouts natural to you. The lid is made from wood and a little trick to stop your powder from getting everywhere is to place a cotton pad above the dots to keep the powder enclosed. Its great that its mineral and cruelty free as all the Gaya products are!
Shades wise I have got the MF6. This is slightly dark for me as I am Asian skin toned but with a little translucent powder it works great, Besides I have the weirdest asian skin, with lots of pigmentation, some areas of my skin are lighter than others. But use the third picture as a guide line as this is the closest to the real shade.
P.S they’re very helpful with shade guides so maybe just drop them an email as I was pretty confused.
Available to buy for £23.45

Gaya Cosmetics Eyebrow Powder.
eyebrow powder Gaya cosmetics eyebrow Eyebrow powder Fill in eyebrows
So this has to be my ultimate favorite from their products range. And for such a great price!
I have the item in shade F99 (I would suggest this for black, or dark brown eyebrows) as the powder is a dark brown color. Which is what you need, Black pigment would look too fake and tattooed on look. The light brown shade would be more suited to people with blonde/mousey hair.
This really does fill in with a natural look that can be built up to make it really heavy filled like some people would prefer.
you would need an angled brush for this and literally apply light strokes to fill in the brow. I also use a mascara wand (clean) to just fluff out the excess and give it a more natural look.
I also use this as a great fix it eyeliner. Simply take a little of the powder and add a small amount of water to give that liquid feel and use the angled brush to give a lovely natural winged look.
It can also be used to give you a smokey look for eye shadow. It really is smudge proof and lasts all day! Which is why I prefer it to eyebrow gel or pencils which can sometimes look too heavy and not last just as well.
Again like all their products I love that it’s a natural and cruelty free item!
Come s a 5g tub in a beautiful little wooden lid top jar.

Available to buy for £17.95




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