Wonder Potion! Uses for Rose Water…Setting Spray-Toner-Cooling mist

So when I went India I come across this craze with all the girls and women for “rose water – Gulab jal” thought I would try it and OMG! In love!!! Mind you at first I only used it to simply take off my makeup at night, but then found sooo many uses for it!!! Really is a wonder potion!

I stuck some into a empty travel spray bottle and used it as a cooling spray. Perfect for the Indian heat! And not to mention smells gorgeous!
Funnily enough it worked as a good make-up setting spray.

Also works great as a toner by directly applying to my skin. I love how it leaves me feeling refreshed and cool. Gives off the perfect natural glow and gets rid off all the dirt sunk into the skin. Its antioxidants properties help strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.

Its also great to reduce the under eye puffiness. Simply by placing two cotton balls soaked in rose water for about 5 minutes. It helps reduce dark circles and puffy eyes and utiimate cooling- soothing effect! Rosewater is said to stimulate the circulation of tiny blood vessels underneath the skin,therefore helps reduce the appearance of thread veins and broken capillaries.

To make a home made make up setting spray add a teaspoon of glycerin to about 250ml of rose water into an emptu spray bottle. Give it a good shake and spray from about 20cms away from the face to help makeup last all day long.

LOVE IT!!! And i’m sure theres many more uses
Who’s going India I need to order some more! Or I may try making it at home, see how it differs!
Rose Water



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