DIY Faux Agate Realistic Coasters |Gold Rim Polymer Clay Crafts

Hey, guys so I posted a video on how to make marble effect waterproof coasters, and I have also filmed a technique to create Agate coasters, Its super easy to do, non toxic, not messy, and you have such an awesome durable product at the end of it, the polymer clay coasters once baked are very durable, waterproof and the perfect touch to any coffee lovers table.

Cernit transparent clay –

Although I found this to leave a plaquing or bubbling effect, although this isn’t bubbles in the clay but possibly due to baking or the humidity in the room at the time of molding. Nevertheless I think it adds character to the coasters. But if you want a crisp non transparent look and are after a solid pattern simply buy the white polymer clay and not the translucent version.
You can even buy the grey colored polymer clay so saves you time mixing in mica pigments.
You can do the pattern with any eyeshadow pigments which contain mica. But only use powders and not any creams or water based colors as this will not blend into the polymer clay.

I would suggest using a gold paint rather than polish as some polishes can dissolve the polymer bonds giving a flexible edge.
Be sure to bake according to the instructions or you can burn, discolor, or make the clay brittle.

Corn flour works great to stop any sticking.

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One thought on “DIY Faux Agate Realistic Coasters |Gold Rim Polymer Clay Crafts

  1. These look terrific! What product did you use to glaze them? That is what made them stand out from other tutorials.


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