Hair Straightening Brush Review

I have been given a hair straightening brush, When I first received it I thought it was a head massager! but it is actually pretty awesome and super cheap! So check out my YouTube video below for a demo and insight on how its used. And also the details to enter my GIVEAWAY competition are all in the video! (Please Subscribe Like and Comment on my channel)

So its a ceramic iron straighter which allows fast styling.
The product heated up very quickly and reached a temp of 230°C at its maximum.
It does straighten hair very quickly.
The item is simple and easy to use.
I loved that it has a digital temperature control system so you can actually set it specifically to a temperature. which is great if you have dry damaged hair and want to use minimal heat.
The mains wire is long and perfectly convenient to use and the 360° Wire end allows the brush to be easily rotated.
Its only as heavy as a normal hair appliance.

The best thing about this is that it stops any kinks that you can get from normal flat irons, it allows the hair to be straightened directly from the roots safely without having to be scared of burning yourself, and I’m a clumsy clutz so this is perfect for me.

hair dryer straightener brush

I give it an overall rating of 8/10

It is available to buy from Merit-UK on amazon for only £26! bargain!

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