All about Indian Head Massage & its benefits…

Origin of Indian Head Massage

As its name indicates this is a massage technique derived from India, and is an ancient Ayurvedic healing treatment passed down through its generations.
It has been practised throughout India for thousands of years to help invigorate the scalp and keep hair healthy and luscious, by boosting the blood flow and nourishing the roots.
The massage is also known as Champissage where in which the shoulders, neck, scalp, face and ears are incorporated into one. This is a nurturing therapy which is highly effective in distressing and supreme relaxation. Its ryhtmic approach helps unknot blockages and release the build up of tension.
The use of oil is optional when carrying the massage but this highly helps improve the lustre & overall condition of the hair as well as re-nourishing the scalp.

Why choose Indian Head?

The therapist uses a variety of different massage techniques and focal pressure points to release any blocked negative energy manifesting along the seven chakra points. By applying pressure to certain points which correspond to certain chakras. Similar to the approach of reflexology. Thus allowing a free flow of positive energy and restoring a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. This focuses on the three higher Chakras – Vishudda (crown), Ajna (third eye) & Sahasrara (throat) points.

What is Indian Head?
Generally it is assumed that and Indian head massage or Champissage is literally pressing the pressure points and a bit of a champ (pressing) effect.
This is generally done in a seated position, However some places prefer to have the client supine or prone (lying flat on a couch) This is to completely relax the client.
It involves long effleurage motions along with fingers to press firmly on points, knuckles, slight tugging of hair and palms of hands to lightly compress.


Benefits of the Head Massage

– Helps prevent or ease the pain of migraines, headaches, neck and back pain.
Tension in the back, neck and head can lead to headaches and migraines, where the therapist focuses on releasing tension this eases the flow of blood and encourages circulation of the cerebral fluid.
-Promotes healthy hair growth.
Due to the increase of blood circulation a fresh supply of oxygen helps stimulate the hair follicles. Aswell as the use of certain oils help to nourish the scalp and rejuvenate dry damaged hair.

-Detoxifying the body.
This increase in blood flow and circulation helps improve the lymphatic drainage and removal of toxins in the body.

-Extreme relaxation and stress buster.
Specially for insomniacs who cannot have a good rest the massage and stimulation of chakra energies help to immediately rejuvenate and allow a deep sense of wellbeing, tranquillity and calm.

 -Relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression
Due to the boost of oxygen and energy to the brain this helps lift your mood, helps think clearly and in a creative manner. It also helps with concentration levels.

 –It also helps with eye strain, mandibular pain and sinusitis and can be used with aromatherapy oils with a carrier oil to help give a supreme relaxing treatment.

Indian Head at Le Crisadore Beauty Clinic Spa – Catford
Here at Le Crisadore ( we offer the Indian Head Massage from 30mins, 45mins or a full hour.
We position our clients supine in our heated beds, which can be raised slightly for clients who cannot lie flat. We can also do this seated should the client wish to be upright.
Starting the massage on the upper back, Neck and shoulder with a blend of wheatgerm & soya massage oil. Applying pressure and long strokes to relax the muscles and ease knots & tension. We then move onto the head and scalp.
We have a choice of Morrocan Argan Oil, Jasmine & Coconut oil, Amla Oil along with a cooling Ayurvedic oil. Massages and encouraging blood circulation and stimulating hair growth. Making focal attention on raising the energy levels of the chakra points.
With the 45min or 60min treatment we then continue to give a facial massage using a blend of aroma oil to help relieve any sinusitis, headaches, increase facial muscle tone and leave a glowing complexion.

Although Indian head massage is safe, offering a wide variety of benefits for men women and children of all ages there are a few noteable situations and health conditions where it should be avoided.If you.

  • Suffer severely from high or low blood pressure.
  • Are quite unwell- high fever, food poisoning etc..
  • Have recently occurred in an accident, injury or surgery involving the head, neck or upper back.
  • Suffer from a localised infectious skin disorder or inflammation around the areas to be worked on.NOTE- We advise clients not to wear make up prior to this treatment and allow one day/nights rest with the herbal hair oils nourish deep into the scalp and use a rich hair mask or leave in conditioner to help remove the remaining oil residue from the hair.

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