Health Benefits of Green Tea!!!!

I’m a big lover of Herbal Tea’s and Green tea is one of my favourites.

Not everyone likes the taste of this but you can versions with mint, or ginger and other flavors which make it taste a little better. Also instead of sugar I try to use honey as a substitute. This also has greater health benefits.
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A common misconception is that people assume that green tree comes from a different tree to the common black tea leaves but its actually the same. The difference is the green leaves have not been left to ferment or oxidise and the brown tea leaves have, this is what makes green tea rich in antioxidants.


Green Tea



Here’s some of the benefits…

– It’s rich in anti-oxidants. This helps protect the skin from the effects of free radicals and protect the skin from the effects of ageing and exposure of sun. It’s also found to help fight and reduce the risk of not only skin cancer but many other cancers.

-Its caffeine levels help reduce the swelling and constriction of blood vessels and the anti-inflammatory properties helps soothe redness and inflammation. This makes it a great remedy to reduce puffy eyes. And its so easy to do. Simply dip 2 tea bags into cold water and place over closed eyelids and relax for about 5 minutes. If the bags start to get hot just dip in cold water and repeat. (you can do this with hot or cold water which ever you prefer, for me I prefer  the cold as it leaves you feeling a little more re-freshed and awake)  I love to do this routine when I’ve got a face mask on. (I will post my green tea face mask soon!)

-It has been found to improve the cholesterol levels in our blood supply. Certain enzyme inhibitors or compounds found in green tea have been shown to block the absorption of certain high lipid cholesterols in the digestive system. This prevents it from entering the blood supply and reduces the risk of strokes, heart attacks or arterial blockages caused by cholesterol or plaque narrowing the arteries.  And also helps lower the blood pressure.

-Its also been found to increase your digestive metabolism and in turn help reduce and break down fats in your body and burn calories .

-It is rich in bio-compounds which have a positive effect on neurons. This could possibly explain why it helps improve brain health and reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

-It helps regulate and lower blood sugar levels. The polyphenols and polysaccharides in green tea can help stimulate insulin production in the pancreas, therefore regulating your body’s blood sugar levels.
This is extremely beneficial for those with diabetes as it’s a natural way to help keep the sugar levels consistent and balanced in a healthy way. This doesn’t mean you stop taking all your medications but try adding it into your diet, Also id recommend for you to consult youre doctor or physician for further advice.

-It is said to be beneficial or oral and dental health. The fluorides, polyphenols and catechins (anti-oxidants and flavanoids) naturally found in green tea helps kill bacteria in the mouth which can cause cavatives, tooth decay and even help with bad breath.
An excellent remedy for tooth pain is to just dip a tea bag into some warm/hot water (bearable enough to place in your mouth)  just drip off any excess fluid and place the bag onto the affected tooth. When it starts to get cold or ache again I just dip it back into the hot water an repeat.
A tried and tested remedy be me, when my wisdom tooth was growing, the pain was absolutely unbearable!  It could may have been the heat but it definitely helped soothe the pain for a little while.
In the same manner, I found it also works a treat on mouth ulcers or cancer sores.

The fluoride in green tree helps keep bones healthy and strong. Especially important for women as we have a higher risk of osteoporosis, due to hormonal changes and menopause. Its been found that if you implement drinking green tea into your diet the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the loss of bone density.

I’m sure there are many other benefits which I haven’t mentioned in this post and a little bit of googeling will give you lots of information and studies linked with the benefits of green tea…

Do leave a comment and share your views…


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