Ultrasound and Photon Therapy Device Review & how it works.

KingOfHearts™ LED Light Photon Ultrasonic Beauty Machine

It is available from Amazon for Only £59.95 which is a bargain price for what the device actually does.


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Package Includes:
1 x Photon Ultrasonic Beauty Machine
1 x Electric Adapter
1 x Pair of Goggles
2 x Silicone Circle Attachment

So as a basic overview is that this device uses ultrasonic vibrations to help absorb products into the skin layers.  As mentioned in a previous video/product review of mine it helps lift & firm the skin as well as increasing collagen production. Leaving the skin smooth, toned and plump to prevent wrinkles. It’s a great method as its non invasive so need for intrusive treatments like facelifts, botox or surgeries to give that soft boost of healthy cells.

The device works by sending out specific frequencies of ultrasound which target particular layers and depths of the skin, these cause the cells to respond to the energies and encourages blood flow to the area, which aids lymphatic drainage and the removal of toxins. This is vital for collagen production.  Ultrasound works typically by increasing the excitation levels of the cells making their temperature rise, the body the then increases the oxygen intake to the cells encouraging removal of wastes and toxins.

The waves are NOT visible to the eyes. So don’t expect the device to vibrate or let off any heat! That is what you don’t want! A lot of people try this machine and think it’s not working because it’s not heating up or vibrating!
These are ultrasound waves which are not visible to eye! A simple water test can determine whether your device is working, as a few droplets on the plate should turn into micro-droplets and diffuse into something which looks like steam.

What I love most about this device is that its design is very sleek and has a great grip and vents to prevent the device from overheating. The metal head is also very easy to clean.
It has three different ultrasound settings and three different photon light therapy settings.
It really is extremely easy to use! My routine starts with a facial cleanse. This prevents any bacterial spread and ensures a clean slate for the moisturiser to be absorbed through.
Then to apply a nice rich moisturiser onto the stainless steel plate.
Then set the Sonic levels to the speed required, and simply carry out circular motions to ensure the skin absorbs the product. And you can even stick on the photon light here to get double the benefits.
And when applying toner, simply dampen some cotton pads and place them onto the steel plate with the silicone attachment and implement the same circular motions.

There are three different colours for the photon therapies.
So the RED light is suitable for all skin types and helps encourage cell rejuvenation, collagen production which in return helps remove wrinkles and overall boost the blood circulation.
The BLUE light is for more sensitive or oily skin types. This adjusts the skin sebum secretion (natural oils) to helpget rid of acne and reduce inflation of the skin.
The GREEN light is for all skin types and helps with pigmentation problems, and helps tighten to regain its elasticity.

This routine should be done 2-3 times a week and for 5-10 minute sessions only. These devices work gradually and don’t think if you over do it in one go it will work better as that is not the case and you WILL damage your skin.
Always consult a doctor or dermatologist if unsure or on certain medication. It’s important to wear safety specs which are included whilst performing the photon therapy.
And keep a slight distance between the skin surface and the device when using the photon therapy mode.

Overall this product gets a 10/10 rating me with regards to its sleek design, robust quality, and effectiveness in my beauty regime. Top factor for me is that it combines both the ultrasound benefits as well as photon therapy. I would have maybe preferred if it worked hands/cable free but the wire is long enough regardless so cannot complain. For the price the product is well worth!


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