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Hey lovelies, im just going to talk a little about Microdermbrasion.
Now this treatment has become very popular lately, from the use in salons and clinics to personal devices purchasable from retailers.
So a microderm machine is basically a thorough and intensive form of exfoliation. Exfoliation meaning the removal of dead skin cells.
And as its eliminating the top uttermost layer this causes slight trauma or agitation to the dermal layer and in return the skins natural function is to work harder with skin rejuvination and collagen production. It also adds to help tone up the muscles in the face and you can call it a little work out for the face. Leaving a final result of healthy, toned, glowing skin and complexion. Click the video to see the procedure in action..

Microdermabrasion is an extremely popular procedure used to treat a variety of skin problems and for the maintenance of healthy skin.
The procedure involves passing  V-shaped hand piece in a uniform manner gently abrading the skin with light suction which in return removes the top layer of skin called the Stratum Corneum.

And this therefore promotes vibrant, smoother skin, and eliminates blackheads instantly whilst encouraging the production of new skin cells in the deep layers of the skin. It is a procedure and usually takes 20-30 minutes to perform. It is commonly said to resemble a little vacuum, tickling or slight pinching sensation.

It is used to treat a variety of skin problems from

  • Superficial hyper-pigmentation
  • Rough, thick & uneven skin texture
  • Acne problems & acne scars
  • Skin texture
  • Uneven skin colour
  • Dull or dry patches
  • Clogged, large pores
  • Blackheads
  • Fine lines
  • Sun spots
  • Age spots
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks
Here at Le Crisadore Beauty Clinic we use the Ultrapeel II microdermabrasion system which represents the most innovative and technologically advanced medical microdermabrasion systems suitable for Dermatologists, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Medical Doctors, Aestheticians, and Beauty Consultants.The Ultrapeel II allows the user to perform a large range of treatments in a completely safe, hygienic and sterile environment with corundum crystal saving, completely avoiding any risk of cross contamination.
These corundum crystals exfoliate the skin through the patented 45 degree V-shaped hand piece in a uniform and effective way abrading the skin in a gentle but efficient way.This system allows us to adjust the power and depth of the dermabrasion into the skin tissue, so that operator can safely treat the patients skin, without over treating or working too deep. The system is safe, comfortable, and has no adverse effects. Best of all there is no down time. You can resume to regular activities immediately.Contraindications – You should not have microdermabrasion if you have:

  • undiagnosed skin lesions
  • unstable diabetes
  • autoimmune disorders
  • had recent laser surgery
  • use retin A
  • active rosacea

Book now for your free skin analysis and consultation & to discuss an individual treatment plan.
Treatments start from £25
Hands – £25
Neck – £30
Full Face – from £40
Targeted Face Sections – £20
Stretch marks – from £60

Maena x

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