DIY Embellished Bag Clutch Purse Upcycle at home | MaenaS Indian Beauty Blogger

This is such an easy DIY up-cycle of an ordinary plain clutch purse to a dazzling, pearl, swarovski clutch.
I’ve been looking for something very glam to wear with my sarees but have never managed to find the purse which is big enough to hold my bloomin phone (huge chunky note) and still sparkly bling enough.
All the ones I come across are either like the small hard clutch purchases or the material flimsy embellished bags. So why not make it myself. And i’ve received so many compliments for this bag already. Its really easy to do as long have the patience to do all the hard work, the end result is a very unique, one of a kind purse.

So to begin with the things you will need,
-Obviously a Bag/Clutch that you wish to decorate.
-Some Rhinestones, Gems or swarovski crystals and pearls.  Look for FLATBACK crystals as these have a flat surface area and will stick better than any beads or spherical crystals.
-Rhinestone Glue such as Gem-Tack or GS-Cement.

Mixed flatback pearls –
2000 Champagne Crystals –
2000 Bronze studs-
Irredescant oval gems 250 –
Diamontes 1000 mixed pack-
Gem-Tac Glue 118ml –


Check out the Full VIDEO on my YouTube




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