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Benefits of drinking water

Hey guys so its been a while since I last posted a blog! Just had soooo much exciting stuff going on but here’s a good one to kick start the new year…
Now drinking water is very, very important! I know they recommend at least 2 litres a day! (but that can get a little boring so do keep an eye out for my next blog on water infusions and herbal teas to give that hydrating boost with some added flavour!)

Now back to the water drinking lecture..but trust me on this one…give it two weeks of increasing your water intake and notice the difference! I promise you!


Where to begin…

Right so water makes up about 60% of your body and it functions to transport nutrients, regulate the body temperature, food digestion, lubricating joints, cell function and many more!
Now remember that our body does not have any place to store water so we require a healthy amount to replenish it every day!  Here’s a list of what it can do for you…

Energy boost – It can help boost that fatigue feeling, drinking a cup in the morning (instead of your caffeine fix) or when you have those tiredness headaches. A quick glass or two will give that hydrating boost to your cells!

Help aid weight loss- Drinking some water about 30mins before a meal and you will feel more full and in return consume less calories. Water has no fat, no calories, carbs or sugar!

Muscle fuel – When muscles don’t receive enough water they get tired and dehydration will cause you to lose more energy and become restless. Often causing cramping and muscle stiffness. A fresh supply of water helps encourage lymphatic drainage of toxins.

Joint pain – One of the key roles of water in the body is to help keep joint flexibility with the aid of synovial fluid and fluid filled vertebral discs or cushions in articulating joints! Help reduce the risk of arthritis and degenerative bone disease.

Healthy kidneys & bladder – Our kidneys are constantly filtering blood, sifting out the waste products, toxins and transporting them to the urinary tract.  Drinking plently of water helps prevent renal calculi (kidney stones) and reduces the risk of UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections)
Aids digestion – Water can help increase peristalsis (the bowel movement motion) increasing the metabolism and aiding healthy digestion reducing constipation and acidity problems.
It also reduces the risk of a heart attack and decrease the risk of coronary heart disease, reduces the risk of certain cancer’s, cleanses the skin and body along with many more!

Now dont go going crazy and drink bucket loads in one gush! Introduce it gradually into your daily diet until you are at a healthy balance for your body.
If water is consumed in excessive amounts in a short amount of time you could possibly get hyponatraemia or possible kidney failure as they cannot excrete enough fluid. So do drink healthy amounts throughout the day rather than in one gulp…


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