Make Up Brush Guide- Part 2

So heres my second part to the “make up brush guide” .
To be honest there’s a whole range of brushes sizes and shapes, so I will talk briefly of the main essentials.
And by a rule of thumb the longer and less compact the bristles the softer the application or look, and the shorter more compact bristles will give a more heavy concentrated look.
Heres one set which is a great price and works well and easily replaceable in a 6months time.


makeup-brushes (1)

So starting with…

Foundation Brush…
These are flat and firm shaped brushes used for liquid and creamy foundations.
I’m not a huge fan as they tend to leave a streaky heavy look, but I do use it to just apply the foundation and then I use a stippling brush to blend and even the application of liquid foundation out.


Stippling Brush. ..
These are flat topped brushes and can be used with powders, liquids and cream based products.
I love using this to just buff the product in circular motions to give a flawless airbrushed look.


Powder Brush…

These are large fluffy round brushes. An essential to every kit.  I like kabuki brushes which are large powder brushes but short in overall size.
Theyre perfect for dusting powders loose or compact,mineral powders as well as using it to set liquid foundations by buffing.
 powder brush

Concealer Brush…

These are tiny flat and narrow brushes, this allows a concentrated and precise application of concealer to cover blemishes, great for covering the under eye region, nose and corners of mouth.


Fan Brush…

To state the obvious this is a fan shaped flat brush, with long loose packed bristles. Used for applying light blush, blending but I typically use it to clean up any excess powders and to highlight cheekbones.


Flat Contour Brush..
This is a compact bristled flat thin and long rectangular shaped brush with short bristles, these can be flat or angled. This is used to contour and sculpt cheek bones, nose and face.


Blending Sponge…

Now this isn’t a brush but it’s definitely a must have. This can be the beauty blender or just simple make up sponges. Soaks up any excess liquid foundation and gives a flawless smooth look.

l_anatomical make-up sponges 121

Blusher Brush…
These are fluffy but firm brushes. These can be round for the apples of the cheek and angled for the cheek bones, used with powder blushers.

blush_brush angled blushjpg

Eyeshadow Brushes…

When it comes to eyeshadows theres lots of different shapes and thickness for certain areas.
This really depends on the preferences but I use a flat brush for the main lid, where I want a heavy application of either cream or powder eye shadow, patting for heavy application and sweeping for light application.
For the crease I use an angled eye shadow brush to give an intense application or when using a different color.
I use a light fluffy blending brush to soften and blend the colors out and to highlight under the brow.
Small smudging brush to really smudge out the colors under the lower lash line, especially for creating smokey eye looks.

DSC_2581blended_eye 1815_eyeshadow_brush_XL2smudge

Liner Brush…

For lining the eyes you can use typically three types of brushes.
A long angled eye brush, A long thin brush or a long thin bent brush as I like to put it.
These are great for gel liners and some liquid liners. These are great for precision and defining the eyes.
Angled is great for creating wing eyed looks and the thin long ones are great for thin precise lines and flicks.

angled_brush Eyeliner_Brush-475x475angled_eyeliner

Brow Defining Brush…

This is a thin angled brush with firm bristles. Perfect for filling in eyebrows and defining the arch shape.


Brow Brush and Comb..
This can be used to smooth the eyebrows and soften the brow filling product and comb can be used to de-clump lashes or combing eyebrows.


Spoolie Brush.. 
Just like a mascara brush, can be used to separate eyelashes and brushing out excess eyebrow product. You can get small tiny ones for the under eyelashes also.


Lip brushes…
Again these come in different sizes and shapes but more commonly you get a liner brush which is thin and sharp to line the lips with lipstick, then a thin, long brush to fill the lips with lipstick or gloss.

lip_defining lip brush

Everyone has different techniques and infinite uses for different brushes, these are just the basics which I use..
Hope it helps!

MaenaS x

2 thoughts on “Make Up Brush Guide- Part 2

  1. Amazing advice, thank you so much!! i’m looking into buying some brushes right now so this was definitely very helpful ❤ 🙂


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