Which is the best Laser Hair removal for Indian/Asian Brown Black Dark Skin Nd:Yag Review

I always get asked about laser hair removal since my first ever blog post! Where I tried out an at home IPL machine when they first came out.

Now this was actually an epic FAIL! And ive been asked to give an update. So my post overall my at home laser kit (Phillips Lumea SC1991) worked okay for a few good home sessions of using this, I did notice that my hair was more fine and definitely reduced but not completely gotten rid of,
And since learning more about lasers and actually being in the beauty industry now I wanted to share with you guys (Particularly my Asian or dark skinned beauties) as to what are the best lasers for their hair removal process.

So the method I tried was IPL.  This is NOT actually a laser this it’s a photo therapy. And it really only works great for those who are fair skinned and have dark hair. Pretty much that’s it. It really doesn’t work for anyone else. And where you can have results like REDUCED hair it won’t completely eliminate the hair follicles.
Now thats where a Yag Laser comes to play.

There are many different types of Yag Lasers.  And they all works from treating skin pigmentation or hair removal right over to tattoo removals.
Now this works because they can penetrate deeper into the skin layer. Therefore its a long term process. Works on every skin colour and hair type except blonde, red or grey/white hairs. Due to the laser not able to pick up these colours off the spectrum.
Now remember no hair removal is permanent, hormone changes can trigger any follicle relapses along with many other trigger like medications, stress etc. But a Yag Laser treatment can by far reduce the amount of hair if hardly any grow back.

How does it work?
This is a direct beam and this pinpointed wavelength hits the follicle directly and cuts off the blood supply to the follicle.
It’s called selective Photothermolysis. Now this is because a set frequency wavelength beam is set to only zap the hair and not hit the skin. And doing so it destroys tiny blood vessels and nerves surrounding the follicle.  Cutting off the blood supply means no nutrients reach the follicle root to ensure a new hair can spurt.
Another benefit of this laser is that due it being long pulsed and its ability to have a low melanin absorption rate. This means less skin surface damage such as hyper or hypo pigmentation issues or skin scarring and burns which can happen during IPL treatments. If you still dont belive me do a simple google search on IPL vs Yag Laser.

So you need to go bared skin, with no lotion or chemicals or cream on your skin. And have a close shave to the skin in the area which you are having the treatment.

During the treatment typically the sections of the body area to be worked on are segmented to ensure all is covered.
With a ND: Yag Laser typically there are two components. The actual laser beam and the cooling tube.  This blows out air to keep the temperature of the skin maintained and comfortable.

This feels like slight pin pricks but nothing too uncomfortable.
After the treatment avoid any sauna, steams or excessive work outs and the pores will be open and the skin bare, any sweat or hot baths would feel very uncomfortable and may create adverse effects.

But the next day your good to spring back to normal routine.
Typically you require at least 5 sessions but it all depends on the machine and the individual!
Any reputed place will offer a free consolation and patch test so be sure to take this up before hand and make sure your comfortable with it all.
Session timings depend on the body area to be worked on and a full body typically takes around 2.5 hours to complete.

But overall I can truely say this is a tried and tested form and I would advise anyone looking for hair removal to definitely look into the ND:Yag treatments. Please don’t waste your time and money on IPL treatments as they cost pretty much the same and the results will not last as long or permanent (even though many salons claim this, it is just NOT POSSIBLE for the majority of people)

Hope this information helps!
If you would like to see a video on this please comment or drop me a DM on Instagram @maena_S or message me through my fb page.

M x

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