What is Matcha Tea? And to make the perfect Starbucks Green Tea Latte Recipe

So its been a while since I last blogged, i’ve had so much happening, rollercoaster of a few months from the loss of my grandparents to my big fat Indian wedding, and move from London to Manchester. I have recorded lots of things just needed the time to finish editing them but I will be posting a lot more as I have much more free time.

Lets get down to this craze that is called MATCHA TEA!

I heard about Matcha around a year ago, picking up a green tea latte from Starbucks and have been drinking this since from various brands and online retailers.

It is made from tea leaves grown in the shade for 20 days. And instead of being steamed and hand-rolled, the leaves are left to dry, and then ground into a fine powder using stone mills.

They’re extremely high in Antioxidants. And compared to the general green tea cup is about 10 times the amount in  antioxidants. These are naturally occurring chemical compounds which prevent aging, chronic diseases and has many health benefits.
Also due to the high levels of cholrohpyll, matcha tea works as a great detoxifer. It helps the body filter out metals and chemical toxins and reduces bad cholestral in the system. Great for those with heart problems.
It has a high concentration of L-theanine which is an amino acid that improves mind power. So its a great coffee replacement. It does contain caffeine but around 3 times less than a cup of coffee. So it is a healthier option.
It provides a source of vitamin A & C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium.

Just as green tea aids weight loss this is a super drink for this very reason. Its rich in catechins which increase metabolism. It really does increase the rate of burning fat up to 4 times more!

Like all of my posts I always urge you to check with a doctor beforehand especially if you are pregnant.
Matcha does contain levels of natural lead and I do not recommend more than one glass a day.
What’s great about it you don’t have to have it as a hot tea drink but you can add it to your smoothies, make matcha muffins and ice latte’s or cocktails. Take a look at some of my favorite recipes below.

Classic Matcha Tea
Sieve a spoonful of Matcha powder with some hot water to make an even paste. Whisk to make it frothy.
Next add some more hot (not boiling as this ruins the taste) and whisk further. Its traditionally served without Milk or sugar but jazz it up to your taste buds and enjoy!

Iced Matcha Latte
Add 1/2 teaspoon Matcha Powder to about a third of cold water, add some honey or sugar if needed for sweetness, Next add in some frothed Milk, I use soya but you can use almond, rice or cow’s milk. You can also spice it up with some flavors such a chai masala, cinnamon or coconut extracts. Use Vanilla extract to make it just like the starbucks green tea latte.  Then add some ice cubes and enjoy!

Masala Matcha Chai Tea

On a stove brew some water enough for one cup, add a slice of ginger, stick of cinnamon,  a few cardamom seeds, A few pepper corns, 1 star anise and let the spices brew.
Then take off the boil and let it cool down slightly.  Sieve the water into your drinking mug,
Next add a spoon of matcha powder and add a drizzle of honey to sweeten (brown sugar if you prefer)
then add your choice of milk.
You can also reboil this if you prefer a strong milky taste.

Matcha Merry Berry Smoothie
Simply blend a h
and full of assorted berries (frozen or fresh) with ½ cup of yogurt, Some cubes of Ice and 1tbspoon of matcha powder.
You can also add other fruits or veg to make it a more varied smoothie.

Heck I even use it for a Face Mask!
Just mix a small scoop of Matcha Powder to a drizzle of honey, blob of coconut oil, few drops of water to make a  paste and apply on the face (avoiding eyes) Leave on for 10 minutes and give a rinse to leave your skin feeling     super fresh and boosted with antioxidants. Great for preventing wrinkles and fighting age spots and free
radicals from UV damage.

Hope you enjoy making these recipes.
Check out the product review below for the Matcha Tea that I use.

I have to say the one I have loved best so far is the Organic Version by Green Leaf Matcha.


Its a 30g tub for £21.95

but believe me a small bit goes a long way! And you pay for what you get. Supermarket versions can be very cheap but only contain a small amount of the matcha itself mixed with powders and sweeteners. So buy the pure thing, believe me it really does have a difference.
They all are around a similar price if not more, but it’s a top factor for me that this is an organically grown and a Japanese version. Which is said to have a better climate than the Chinese versions.

The instructions are also on the back of the tin which tells newbies to the world of matcha how to brew that perfect cup. The expiry date is located at the bottom of the tin very clearly and its said to use the packet up within three months of opening.
Now it comes in a foiled package to help keeps its freshness. What I love about this packaging mainly is that it is resealable keeping it fresh for longer. As you can see its this vibrant green color, which gives it uniqueness compared to your typical green tea. And the aroma is just divine!
I love that the tin is a handy size for me to carry off to work in.  

I would rate this with regards to taste a definite 10/10! You get what you pay for at the end of the day and I have tried many different companies ranging from the cheap supermarket kind which has infused lots of extras like milk powders and sweeteners to other companies but this one by far gets the best taste card rating from me. And furthermore organically grown, what could be better.
So go buy, try out some of my recipes and cheers! x



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