IPL Laser Hair Removal on Indian Brown Asian Dark Skin

(THIS HAS NOW BEEN UPDATED IN MY NEW POST PLEASE CHECK  https://maenasblog.wordpress.com/2017/04/11/laser-hair-removal-for-indian-skin-ndyag-review/ )

Original Post…
So I’m usually quite lazy when it comes to hair removal in the sense that I take the quick painfree route and just shave! TOTALLY REGRET IT NOW! My hair is an absolute nightmare!
But now I generally either wax or epilate it. Which hurts a grave deal since all the shaving has made my hairs thick and just horrid.
So was looking into and researching laser treatments for Indian skin and couldn’t really find much information or any proper reviews. After asking some family and friends some who have used IPL treatments said it’s worked for them whereas not for others, but most recommend say Yag laser as it works the best on dark skin.

So whilst being even more lazy and not finding a decent salon which does the treatment local to me, someone has very kindly surprised gifted me with a home laser kit (Phillips Lumea SC1991) HMNnn so i’m a bit skeptical at first but thought I’d give it a go.61PoqdTcXlL._SL1069_
I mean it sounds pretty simple and easy to use. All you have to do is shave your legs and flash the gun over them covering all areas. Do this every 2 weeks for about 6-8 weeks (as and when hair grows if any) and see how it goes I guess.

So how does it work?
Time to unleash my inner science geek…

So Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is basically a technology which lets off certain wavelengths/frequency (to target the specific structures and cells) which then converts into heat energy blahh blah blahh….The light wave targets certain chromophores (the color pigments or melanin) which then absorbs this light to change its properties.  Simple science, White reflects light and Black absorbs it,
So dark haired and light skinned people tend to have better treatment as they have higher in melanin in the hairs and low in the skin. This treatment isn’t recommended for those with fair hair or dark skin for the same reason as it would just scald the skin and have no effect on the hairs.

One important thing about IPL is that you would need a lot of patience to see the results.
Hair growth has three main stages…
Anagen phase which is the growth phase
Catagen phase where the hair root starts to degenerate
Telogen phase where the follicle goes into a resting stage, it then sheds and back to the Anagen phase for new hair growth.

IPL only disables hair follicles which are in there active growth stage (Anagen). That’s why it takes time to see good strong results and repetitive treatment is needed for the hair to be zapped at a certain stage.

What comes in the kit?
1 x SC1991 Lumea Precision Gun
1 x Body attachment with 4cm window area
1 x Storage pouch
1 x Cleaning cloth
A Full user manual and a Quick Start Guide.philips-lumea-sc199100-light-hair-removal

Only disadvantage to this particular model is that it cannot be used on the face whereas others out there can be.
Another is that it cannot be used darker skin tones, or for people with light, red or blonde hair, (which is generally not recommended by most IPL treatment systems).


Positives are that I can use it home as when I please and it’s relatively quick and easy to use.

So here’s my review on the Phillips Lumea SC1991 so far….

Firstly I carried out a Test Patch on my lower leg and waited 48 hours. It is fairly important to read all the instructions and guidelines CAREFULLY as certain medications or health implications even recent sun exposure (NOT THAT WE GET MUCH SUN IN GOOD OLD BRITAIN) can have adverse reactions like blistering or burning onto your skin.
Luckily I had no such reaction and didn’t feel any adverse effects.

After shaving, your skin must be clean and dry, no lotions or products should be applied.  It is also advised not to use any products containing alcohol based ingredients and to avoid direct sun exposure for atleast 48 hours after the treatment.

Day 1 – After shaving I have used the machine and it really just feels like a small pinch or electric shock. But it doesn’t actually hurt too much. You can definitely feel the heat though.  I set it on 2 using the scale given with the box for my skin type and hair colour (1/2/3 setting is recommended)

Certain areas I could feel I more than others. Especially where the hair is more fine it tinged that little bit more.

Also found that if you haven’t shaved properly it will burn the hair that you’ve missed and smells a little funny.

Didn’t really take long to do tbh. Around 2 minutes for underarms, about 10mins for each arm full and 15 for full legs, and 3 minutes bikini.

I did leave my skin feeling that extra bit dry and slight itchiness and red in some places, but it’s said that’s quite normal and expected.

Day 2 – Itchiness and dryness has gone completely.

Day 6 – By now I would have expected my hair to have grown back quite to that spiky phase…but I can still only see the odd few hairs grown back a bit. So fairly impressed.

2 Weeks – My hair is definitely not grown back as much as I would have expected it to by now. And I’m going to do the second treatment and update on how it goes soon…..Then again i’ve never really noticed how much or how quick it grows back anyway..

….Just a small quick note, I am not too sure myself how this will work for me, so far I have not had any serious reaction of any sort but always read the instructions carefully on your products or speak to a consultant before attempting to treat yourself especially if you have any health implications, or if the test patch gives you a bad reaction…DON’T HERO IT OUT AND GO VISIT YOUR DOCTOR OR SPECIALIST!….

Please do comment and share youre views, has it worked for you? Am I wasting my time?? lol…

RIGHT SO IVE BEEN MEANING TO UPDATE ON MY LASER JOURNEY AND JUST WANT TO SAY DO NOT BOTHER WITH IPL TREATMENTS PARTICULARLY IF YOUR DARK SKINNED OR TANNED! CHECK OUT MY UPDATED BLOG ON NDYag Laser! As after numerous sessions of IPL (at home and then at a salon) I have learnt so much more about lasers suited to dark skin types so please check out that blog post if you re seriously looking into laser hair removal.



2 thoughts on “IPL Laser Hair Removal on Indian Brown Asian Dark Skin

  1. I’m glad this is working for you. I have brought a home kit last year … It has worked for my other Indian friends with similar skin colour! However I had got burnt from it even with the lowest setting. Which is such a shame. It took plenty of months and plenty of coco butter for scars to fade. Apprantly laser is more suited for Indian skin tones rather than IPL. I will try laser soon, I hope this works for me. How is your machine going for your hair growth since you last posted this ? X


    1. Hey its actually working okay, its not given me any sort of reactions or burning, Ive heard yag laser is definitely the option for the indian skin where laser hasnt worked on them, but the results look okay so far but its quite patchy so a little dissapointed atm but, i mean patience is the key here so fingers crossed it works well and will see more differences as the treatment goes on..


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