How to wear Bra for Backless Dress/Saree Blouses |DIY Backless Bra Hack

Hey girls, Now this video is specially for the girls and ladies ONLY!!!  (Unless your a guy with man-boobs and love to wear dresses or that case continue to read and watch, if not close this page right now!…..eeeeekkk  ) Jokes apart back to the main video, so I have had alot of trouble […]

All about Indian Head Massage & its benefits…

Origin of Indian Head Massage As its name indicates this is a massage technique derived from India, and is an ancient Ayurvedic healing treatment passed down through its generations. It has been practised throughout India for thousands of years to help invigorate the scalp and keep hair healthy and luscious, by boosting the blood flow […]

All about Microdermabrasion |Microderm Before & After Treatment Routine Procedure pictures results

Hey lovelies, im just going to talk a little about Microdermbrasion. Now this treatment has become very popular lately, from the use in salons and clinics to personal devices purchasable from retailers. So a microderm machine is basically a thorough and intensive form of exfoliation. Exfoliation meaning the removal of dead skin cells. And as […]

Benefits of drinking water

Hey guys so its been a while since I last posted a blog! Just had soooo much exciting stuff going on but here’s a good one to kick start the new year… Now drinking water is very, very important! I know they recommend at least 2 litres a day! (but that can get a little […]

Glowing Skin Face Mask – Multani and Turmeric

Multani & Turmeric Face Mask This is a facemask recipe which I regularly make using a substance called Multani or Fullers Earth clay. It is absolutely amazing! And so versatile. You can use this as a base of so many face packs, body packs and even hair masks! I know who would have thought. Its […]

Golden Wonders Of Turmeric…

Turmeric commonly known as haldi in most Asian households is generally used for adding that intense yellow colour to foods and curry’s. An ingredient, widely used and its recipes passed down from generations particularly in the Indian household. But it has more benefits than it looks to eye and many more uses other than simple cooking. And its rich antioxidants and inflammatory […]

The Wonders of Honey….

  My top most natural ingredient… Honey really does have ALOT of properties which are very beneficial for us, here’s a few with some recipes/remedies to try… Its anti-biotic properties make it good for treating sore throats, coughs and colds. -Mix a dash of lemon juice, honey and hot water to get rid ofa grotty […]