MELODYSUSIE Gel Polish Lamp Video Review |MaenaS Blog

If you’re looking to buy a Gel Polish Lamp, whether it is for home or Salon use. Look no further! This melody Susie lamp really is comparable to the OPI Gel Lamp, which is almost triple the price!
And you definitely don’t want to be buying the UV bulb curing lamps. Not only do the bulbs constantly need to be replaced ( LED literally will last u a lifetime), the curing time between each layer is 2minutes, compared to the 30 seconds using LED. Not only does this reduce the exposure time it is also safer to use.

What I love about the Melody Susie 60w  Gel Lamp is that it comes in a very nicely presented gold & black box. It also has carry handles which is great for on the go therapists.
It comes with a UK plug with a very long cable. This great for therapists and salon use. I also like the fact it has an on/off switch on the cable.
The lamp itself is very sleek looking and has glass touch buttons on the top making it look very professional. The timers are 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds. This is in the opposite direction of the lamp AGAIN for professional use.
It is made up of 32 patented led bulbs.
It has metal clips on the base which make it great to do Gel Pedicures and has plenty of room.
What I love most is the automatic sensor and the ability to turn the lamp off by simply pressing the curing button again.
And whats more it cures all gel polishes! As you can see in the video the CND Shellac, OPI Gel Color & Gellux.
It really is a great price for a fab product and its available to buy for £110 from

More so the UV Sheild Lycra protection gloves are a MUST HAVE!
Even though the exposure is soo little why risk it all. Especially when the remedy is so cheap!
The melody Susie UV protection gloves come in a pack of 2.
It effectively blocks 99% ultraviolet light. Made from 85% Nylon & 15% Spandex making it super soft and stretchy.
Made to a very high quality! They literally can fit any size and be stretched and not have any of the stitching or seams tear. (As you can see in the video)  And its machine washable! They come in three great colours, Pink, White & Black for a great price!

£7.99 from

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