Hidden love for O.P.I nail lacquers


After reviewing many of the OPI lacquers,
I do find they have the oddest and most bizarre names…hmnnn…well anyways
After reviewing a few different ones I can say I absolutely love the liquid sand polishes, the texture of when it dries is pretty damn cute,
Same with the Matt top coat, really gives it that shine free texture.
I did find a lot of the red tones are very similar in shade and color and not much variation. The only downside is the glitter polishes do tend to go globby quite easily, but this applys for oretty much any companys glitter polishes and guess what there is a fix to this…
Add a few drops of OPI nail lacquer thinner and a thorough shake should give that smooth consistency once again.


Im addicted to “silent stars go by” which is a liquid sand effect,


Cant wait to add a few more bright and summer tones to my collection…

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